Ogres Trikotāža
   Aurora Baltika
   Kauno Tekstilė
   Akva Agro

Manufacturing and construction

   Holding company Mono pays great attention to manufacturing and construction, which is the undisputed engine of the economy. Holding Mono includes such local producers as:

   Ogres Trikotāža, Aurora Baltika, Dinaburgtex and Kauno textile - the largest manufacturers of high quality knitwear in the Baltic region. Production facility of Kauno textile is located in Kaunas (Lithuania).

   Road construction company ACB – a recent investment of Mono – has extensive experience in construction segment of the market and is the first private company in this complex area of the economy.

   Akva Agro is one of the new and promising projects of the holding, under which the cultivation and fish farming is carried out, with the help of the innovative technologies.